are you really doing what you love?

We are like most, we complain about everything, we criticize, we lose more times than the ones we win, we take risks and we try. We are the ones who got tired, the ones who threw the first stone, the ones who began the fight …

We are those ones who raised our voices to shout a proposal, those who stopped contemplating and dared to do what no one else does. Observe, think and act differently, get passionate, find your mission, make it a common cause, share it and fight to transcend. 

ssbd hotel

Located in a hilltop overlooking the Cerritos Beach Bay you will find it.

Rustic with dashes of elegance all over, it’s the perfect place to meet new friends, have a peaceful time and/or enjoy a romantic getaway.


«The place» to have a healthy breakfast in Cerritos, great Mexican coffee, fresh fruit smoothies, friendly vibe and an amazing view.

You can also buy a 12 OZ bag of our home coffee beans.


Check out our Same Same But Different and Surfboard Station clothing line, including snap back hats, combed cotton t-shirts and more items to come next season.

surfboard station

If you don´t want to pay expensive air fares to fly you surfboard or are you worried of them getting dingged, the best option is to select one from our costumed hand shaped quiver. You can also change it so you can test as many boards as you’ll like.

We shape all our surfboards locally with Walter from Graen Shapes and Designs.

Daily rate depends from the number of days you will want to surf. 

vacation rentals

Aside from the SSBD hotel we manage 14 other properties in Cerritos and Pescadero that are offered for vacation rentals. 

There is a mix of Beachfront condominiums, private residences and other types of accommodation to make your stay unforgettable. 

Click here to see them all!!!

real estate

We know this is a beautiful place and it will be very hard for you to leave! So if you are interested in making this area you second (or primary) home or buy your little piece of paradise, make sure to contact us.

Our onsite agent also works for RARE (Ricardo Amigo Real Estate) who is an active member of the Baja California Sur MLS (multiple listing system) and the Todos Santos MLS so we have access to all the inventory in the state.